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The Best Car Warranty of 2023
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November 28, 2023
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The Best Car Warranty of 2023

Comparing the top vehicle service contract providers of 2023

As vehicle prices continue to climb, so does the importance of having a reliable vehicle service contract (VSC) to protect your investment. Also known as extended warranties, these service contracts act as safety nets, protecting you from unforeseen repair expenses and offering a sense of security on the road. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore four prominent players in the vehicle service contract market: CarShield, Endurance, Olive, and Zoomi. While all four  offer to protect your wallet by paying for surprise car repair bills, there are some important differences between them. Discover the features, benefits, and customer experiences that differentiate them in 2023.


Zoomi is one of the few online providers of vehicle service contracts. Additionally, they are the only provider on this list that offers true monthly subscriptions. This means that when you sign up for ZoomiCare, you’re purchasing a 30-day subscription that renews each month, not a long term contract. The benefit of this structure is that if you change your mind, you can easily cancel your subscription.

Zoomi also has the most comprehensive and affordable coverage on this list. That’s because ZoomiCare was designed by looking at the available offerings on the market and plugging the holes where others fall short. So how are Zoomi’s vehicle protection plans so affordable? Well, one reason is that because there are no third-party financing companies involved, there are fewer fees and expenses in Zoomi’s monthly subscriptions. Additionally, because Zoomi does not spend millions of dollars like its competitors on telemarketing, they can pass those savings along to their customers. Combined with three deductible options, this means customers can choose from a number of affordable options to find the one that fits their needs.

Zoomi has also partnered with some of the most impressive industry experts. In fact, their claims administrators have over 30 years of experience, have covered nearly 2 million vehicles, and have paid out over $1 billion in claims! Plus, all plans sold by Zoomi are backed by A-rated insurance. This means you can be confident that all covered claims will be paid quickly and fully.

Finally, Zoomi is one of the few providers of vehicle service contracts to offer a 30-day money back guarantee. This means you can try ZoomiCare risk-free and cancel for a full refund should you change your mind.

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You’ve probably seen their ads on TV. With star-studded commercials and constant repeat airings, they are hard to miss. However, how good are the coverage plans offered by CarShield?

It’s important to note that when signing up for CarShield, you are entering into a multi-year contract. Depending on your vehicle details, these contracts can cost up to $5000. While you can choose to pay this amount upfront, you will also have the option of using a third-party financing company in order to divide your plan into many monthly payments. However, this will put a lien on your vehicle, making it harder to cancel your contract if you change your mind.

A simple search through CarShield’s reviews shows many customers with complaints about claims being denied for repairs they either thought, or were explicitly told, were covered when they purchased their plan. This is because many vehicle service contract providers intentionally leave gaps in their coverage that they can later use to deny claims. What’s more, many reviewers online claim that they have had difficulty canceling their policies sold by CarShield when they change their mind about the product.

A final issue with CarShield is the lack of an option to get a quote and purchase online. Instead, you need to enter your personal information on their site, which they then use to call you to convince you to purchase. If you choose not to purchase, who knows what they do with your information?

It’s not all bad, however. CarShield has been in business for 10+ years and has partnered with a large third-party administrator that’s paid over $1 billion in claims.


Endurance is not as well known as CarShield due to their more low-key advertising. However, it is one of the largest providers of vehicle service contracts on the market. Like CarShield, however, Endurance’s plans are also multi-year contracts that you can choose to finance with a third-party financing company. This means choosing between spending thousands upfront or financing a long-term contract that can be difficult to cancel.

That being said, online reviews show that the experience with Endurance is more positive than the experience with CarShield. This is because Endurance’s coverage is notably more comprehensive than the plans offered by CarShield. Additionally, because Endurance administers their own vehicle service contracts, they have more control over their claims experience. However, this also means they have more incentive to deny claims as it saves them money.

While Endurance will give you a quote online, the prices are very high, even for modest vehicles. Additionally, there are no options to adjust your deductible choice, meaning less customization of your protection plan to fit your needs. However, Endurance does give you the option to manage your account through a mobile app, which is a nice touch.


Olive is one of the few providers of VSCs that focuses their efforts nearly entirely online. Like CarShield and Endurance, Olive’s plans are multi-year contracts. While Olive tries to deceptively market themselves as a monthly subscription, in reality their plans are 36 months long and financed by a third-party.

In terms of reviews, an online search shows that Olive’s reviews lie somewhere between CarShield and Endurance. They have 28 complaints on the Better Business Bureau in the past year, with many customers sharing stories about denied claims they believed were covered.

That being said, Olive has an easy-to-use online checkout process and allows you to adjust your deductible to find a cost that’s reasonable for your budget. This is one of its main advantages over CarShield and Endurance.

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