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Navigating Zoomi's Extended Used Car Warranties
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March 15, 2024
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Your Roadmap to Peace of Mind: Navigating Zoomi's Extended Used Car Warranties

Find out how Zoomi can help you drive with peace of mind.

Owning a used car comes with its own set of challenges, the most daunting of which is the likelihood of unexpected breakdowns. These can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. However, there's a silver lining: Zoomi's extended used car warranties. This innovative solution not only covers your vehicle's breakdowns but also simplifies the process of filing a claim and getting repairs done.

Simplifying Breakdown Coverage

Zoomi has established a strong reputation by offering easy and convenient breakdown coverage. Getting Zoomi is effortless - just answer a few questions about your vehicle online and receive a personalized rate. Choose from various coverage plans and deductible options that align with your budget.

In case of a breakdown, just have your mechanic get in touch with the Zoomi claims team prior to commencing any repair work. The dedicated Zoomi team will take care of everything from that point onwards, ensuring a prompt and efficient restoration of your vehicle's condition.

Zoomi's Got Your Bill Covered

If your car's breakdown is covered by your ZoomiCare plan, Zoomi pays the bill directly. All you have to worry about is your chosen deductible. This feature provides immense peace of mind, knowing that potential breakdowns won't lead to substantial out-of-pocket expenses.

Zoomi: The Ideal Partner for Your Insurance Needs

It's essential to understand that Zoomi is not an insurance company. Instead, it provides vehicle service contracts that work alongside your existing comprehensive or collision insurance. Zoomi focuses on covering unexpected mechanical breakdowns.

Roadside Assistance and Online Management

If your vehicle needs towing, Zoomi offers roadside assistance reimbursement up to $100 if the breakdown is covered under your Zoomi extended warranty. Plus, you can view and manage your policy and coverage details anytime, anywhere with Zoomi's online portal.

Covering America’s Breakdowns, One Repair Bill at a Time

Zoomi's mission is to protect your wallet from expensive mechanical breakdown repair bills. We cover a wide range of mechanical components including the engine, transmission, transfer case, drive axle, fuel system, turbocharger/supercharger, differential, steering, suspension, AC and heating, electrical, braking system, odometer & speedometer, cooling, and hi-tech parts depending on your personalized plan.

Affordable, Comprehensive, and Hassle-Free Protection

Zoomi offers an innovative, affordable, and comprehensive solution to protect your vehicle and eliminate the worry of paying for expensive breakdowns. With its commitment to customer service, easy claim process, and extensive coverage, Zoomi is revolutionizing the way we deal with car breakdowns. So why wait? Get Zoomi today, and hit the road with the peace of mind that your car is protected.

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